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Olga Zimina wins 7th FIDE World Online Women Blitz Qualifier

FIDE ArenaThe 7th FIDE World Online Women Blitz Qualifier was being played on Thursday, September 17th, on the official FIDE Online platform.

17 players from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Italy, Lithuania, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Spain, United Arab Emirates and Uruguay took part in the event.

Italian player IM/WGM Olga Zimina was convincing with 8.5 points, leaving the nearest followers 2.5 points behind.

WFM Abarca Damaris from Chile, AIM Viviana Galvan Cipriani from Spain, WFM Lilia Fuentes and Yessica Rosas, both from Mexico, tied for the second place at 6 points each.

The other players who qualified for the Semifinal are WIM Beverly Mendoza from the Philippines (5.5 points), WIM Milena Tatiana Herrera Rodriguez from Colombia (5.5 points) and WFM Ana Daniela Madrigal from Nicaragua (5.0 points).

The last qualifying tournament will be played on September 24th, 2015 | 13:00 GMT/UTC time. 8 spots are still available.

The competition takes place on the official FIDE Arena Online platform. FIDE Online uses AceGuard, anti-cheating and security software of new generation. Based on advanced behavioral analysis and the activities of the players, AceGuard indicates deviations from proper procedures of play.

Female players who represent a National Chess Federation, can play in the Championship. „FIDE flag“ players are not eligable to participate. Registrations for the FIDE event are continuously open. The players can compete from the comfort of their home, without costs associated with the hotels and airfares. A Platinum Membership is required.

A rich prize fund of 9000 USD will be awarded in the final tournament. Make sure to read the FULL Regulations.

Final standings:

1 IM/WGM Olga Zimina 8.5
2 WFM Damaris Abarca 6.0
3 AIM Viviana Galvan Cipriani 6.0
4 WFM Lilia Fuentes 6.0
5 Yessica Rosas 6.0
6 WIM Beverly Mendoza 5.5
8 WFM Ana Daniela Madrigal 5.0
9 WFM Marjoire Johana Bocángel Chávez 5.0
10 AGM Sissel Janneth Stava 4.5
11 Andreína Quevedo 4.0
12 Giedre Ramanauskaite 4.0
13 arasi loganathan 4.0
14 Ralivololona Hanitriniaina Andri 4.0
15 Mariam Essa 2.0
17 Carolina Martyniuk 1.0

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