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Swiss Chess Championship 2022

The 2022 Swiss Chess Championship kicked off yesterday in Samnaun. The event takes place from 4-10 July, being played in 9 rounds, swiss system, with participation of 68 players.

The field is led by GM Milos Pavlovic, IM Fabian Baenziger and GM Joseph Gallagher. (Scroll down for the starting rank list of players). The time control of the event is 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game, plus 30 seconds per move from the first move.

Swiss Chess Championship 2022 live games

Photo from Swiss Chess Federation

Starting rank list of players:

No. NameFEDRtgI
1GMPavlovic Milos SRB2461
2IMBaenziger Fabian SUI2451
3GMGallagher Joseph SUI2447
4IMGschnitzer Adrian GER2433
5IMGähwiler Gabriel SUI2420
6FMFecker Noah SUI2387
7WGMHakimifard Ghazal SUI2296
8WIMGeorgescu Lena SUI2279
9IMLöffler Markus GER2278
10 Rohrer Christophe SUI2246
11FMPogan Nikolas SUI2226
12FMWyss Jonas SUI2223
13IMSedina Yelena ITA2215
14 Angst Oliver SUI2203
15 Pahud Cédric SUI2201
16 Lou Vincent SUI2200
17 Curien Nicolas SUI2198
18 Schlegel Igor SUI2194
19 Bex Pierre-Alain SUI2189
20 Bischofberger Dario SUI2180
21 Ferster Fabian LIE2173
22 Salzgeber Frank SUI2131
23 Collin Moritz Valentin SUI2129
24 Carré Sylvain FRA2113
25 Jaggy Matteo SUI2093
26WFMStoeri Laura SUI2084
27 Bühler Michael SUI2064
28AIMUdipi Kala Kishan SUI2057
29 Perréard Nicolas SUI2055
30 Gemelli Romain SUI2045
31 Labelle Ambroise SUI2045
32 Schmid Christoph SUI2043
33 Barth Can-Elian SUI2040
34 Grob Joshua SUI2040
35 Neyer Renato SUI2031
36 Papaux Steve SUI2031
37 Arquint Andri SUI2019
38 Manko Mariya UKR2014
39 Balzer Lars GER2012
40 Dijkstra Hidde NED2004
41 Zargarov Mikayel SUI1994
42 Binggeli Christian SUI1991
43 Riedener Toni SUI1983
44 Bürge Reto SUI1979
45 Grillon Cédric SUI1977
46 Scherler Julius SUI1971
47 Stijve Niels SUI1958
48 Tschopp Olivier SUI1955
49 Künzli Simon SUI1949
50 Menzi Jonas SUI1933
51 Delmonico Nils SUI1927
52 Pellicoro Nathalie SUI1922
53 Tamrazyan Gohar SUI1916
54 Steinbach Peter GER1904
55 Schafer Ezio SUI1902
56 Arquint Arno SUI0
57 Python Noé SUI1890
58 Skobe Jan SLO1887
59 Vifian Heinz SUI1884
60 Kostina Veronika SUI1883
61 Thomi Hansjörg SUI1863
62 Schmitter Albert SUI1859
63 Tillmann Marc SUI1857
64 Wyss Peter A. SUI1850
65 Titov Dmitrii SUI1845
66 Grütter Rolf SUI1773
67 Federer Colin SUI1764
68 Kanana Ziad SUI1740

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