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World Cup finalist Dmitry Andreikin new top seed in Hasselbacken Chess Open

dmitryandreikin_2016Dmitry Andreikin (2732) joins Hasselbacken Chess Open 2016 as one of the heavy favorites. The tournament is open for 450 players and will be played in Stockholm, Sweden April 30–May 8.

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The Russian Grandmaster is ranked 23 in the world and becomes one of the heavy favorites in Hasselbacken Chess Open. He won the Russian championship 2012, and then passed for the first time the 2700 limit in rating. Andreikin has since been a steady 2700 player. He has today 2732 in ELO rating and has the spot 23 on the world ranking.

Andreikin advanced the whole way to the final of the World Cup 2013, where he was defeated by Vladimir Kramnik, Russia. His second place gave him a spot in the Candidate Tournament 2014 with eight of the world’s best players, the winner would face Magnus Carlsen in a World Championship match in Sotchi. Anand won, and Andreikin came fifth after victories against Levon Aronian, Armenia and Veselin Topalov, Bulgaria.

Dmitry Andreikin has not played in an open tournament in three years.

So what is your goal in Hasselbacken Chess Open?

“As for my goal in Hasselbacken Chess Open, I’d like to get aquainted with your country and play interesting chess.”

This is your first visit to Sweden?

“That’s right.”

You came fifth in the candidate tournament in the last World Cup cycle. How do you rank that compared to the silver in the World Cup 2013?

“It’s difficult to answer this question. It was more difficult to reach the World Cup final 2013, though my perfomance rate in the Candidates tournament was higher.”

What is your dream to achieve as a chess player?

“Well… My dream goal in chess career is to play at least some fascinating games.”

Hasselbacken Chess Open has now 14 players with rating over 2600 on the start list:

2732    GM Dmitry Andreikin, Russia
2671    GM Alexei Shirov, Latvia
2670    GM Evgeny Postny, Israel
2668    GM Igor Lysyj, Russia
2660    GM Vladislav Tkachiev, France
2652    GM Ferenc Berkes, Hungary
2643    GM Borki Predojevic, Bosnia & Hercegovina
2639    GM S.P Sethuraman, India
2635    GM Nils Grandelius, Sweden
2632    GM Krishnan Sasikiran, India
2625    GM Sandro Mareco, Argentina
2610    GM Simen Agdestein, Norway
2610    GM Axel Bachmann, Paraguay
2600    GM Hannes Stefansson, Iceland

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