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World Open Teams Chess Championship 2023

FIDE has entered into a partnership with the German company WR Group Holding GmbH to launch together a new major competition: the World Open Teams Championship 2023. The first tournament is planned to take place in Düsseldorf in May-June 2023, played over three days under rapid time control. It will be open to clubs from all over the world, with the prize fund expected to reach 250,000€ already for the first event.

Teams will be expected to involve club-level players, tentatively reserving one board for a player rated under 2000.

Wadim Rosenstein, CEO of WR Group, said: “The World Open Teams Championship has as its central aim the delivery of chess opportunities to people who may not ordinarily get a chance to play the “king’s game” in the world arena. Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Our approach is unique in that no matter what your gender and federation if you want to play chess there will be an opportunity to do so.”

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