6th ShakkiNet GM Tournament 2015 LIVE!

The 6th ShakkiNet International Grandmaster Tournament is taking place from 8-16th June, 2015, in Helsinki, the capital and largest city of Finland.

The event is a 10-player single round-robin tournament with the participation of: GM Kulaots, Kaido EST 2574, GM Yemelin, Vasily RUS 2573, GM Kanep, Meelis EST 2521, IM Agopov, Mikael FIN 2465, IM Ebeling, Daniel FIN 2460, IM Sammalvuo, Tapani FIN 2441, IM Kiik, Kalle EST 2369, FM Kokkila, Tero FIN 2285, Sarwer, Jeff FIN 2250 and Keinänen, Toivo FIN 2085.

The average Elo rating is 2402. The players can fulfill a GM norm with 7/9 points and an IM norm with 5,5/9 points.

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