Kramnik holds Svidler to a draw

Peter Svidler

After Carlsen’s draw with Aronian, the second game that ended peacefully was the Russian battle between Vladimir Kramnik and Peter Svidler. It took them 23 moves to shake hands in sign of peace.

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The game started with a surprising weapon used by the ex-World Champion: 4…Nxd5 in the Exchange variation of the Queen’s Gambit. The player from Saint Petersburg employed a move that might seem strange but is part of theory – 7.a3 – to take the game to a simplified position.

The other two games that are left also seem to be going towards a draw. Gelfand and Radjabov have a symmetrical pawn structure on the board, while Ivanchuk and Grischuk continue the struggle in a materially balanced position, but with some dynamic chances for both sides.

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