Marcos Collados Camacho wins Festival Nazari “Hotel Corona”

IM Marcos Collados Camacho (Spain) claims the 1st Festival de Ajedrez Nazari “Hotel Corona” with 6.5/9 points.

He fulfilled his last IM norm less than a month ago and now he wins a Grandmaster tournament with the impressive performance of 2607, gaining 23 ELO points to his rating.

IM Lawrence Trent (England) and GM Jose Carlos Ibarra Jerez (Spain) share second place with 5.5/9.

The event took place in Granada, Spain from 15th to 20th April, 2014. The tournament format was a 10-players round robin with time control 90 minutes + 30 sec per move (from the beginning of the game). For more information, visit the official website.

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Final standings:

1. IM Camacho Collados Marcos ESP (2417) 6,5
2. IM Trent Lawrence ENG (2468) 5,5
3. GM Ibarra Jerez Jose Carlos ESP (2522) 5,5
4. IM Moreno Trujillo Alejandro ESP (2533) 5
5. GM Rodriguez Guerrero Enrique ESP (2432) 4,5
6. GM Ninov Nikolai BUL (2462) 4
7. IM Cuenca Jimenez Jose Fernando ESP (2489) 3,5
8. IM Pilgaard Kim DEN (2384) 3,5
9. IM Camacho Collados Jose KOR (2388) 3,5
10.IM Piasetski Leon CAN (2293) 3,5

Marcos Camacho

Marcos Camacho

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