Moscow Open Rd.4 – Mamedov traps his opponent’s queen after 22 moves

GM Rauf Mamedov already on 4/4

We are starting to attend some really strong match-ups on the top boards of the Moscow Open, so it’s a bit surprising to see a 22-move victory on the first board, but that’s exactly what GM Rauf Mamedov did: the Azerbaijani trapped Alexandre Danin’s queen in the middle of the board.

The game started as a French Defense with the black bishop on g7. The white pieces, led by Mamedov, started to threaten a direct attack against the black king, and by doing so, took strong centralized positions on the board.

With the black light-squared bishop totally useless on c8, it didn’t take too long for white to take over; this positional advantage materialized when the black queen found itself trapped on d7. The Russian resigned immediately.

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