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64th World Congress of Chess Composition kicked off in Fujairah, UAE

The 64th World Congress of Chess Composition takes place in Fujairah, UAE, from the 12th to the 19th of November. There are many events scheduled, including the 45th World Chess Solving Championship. 

The Opening session of the 64th World Congress of Chess Composition took place on the 13th of November, with many important issues being discussed. The Congress continues with the Commissions meetings and ends on the 17th of November with the WFCC Presidium election session.

On the 14th of November, the OPEN composition tournament was held. GM Danila Pavlov convincingly won the event, Eddy Van Beers took second place, and Ofer Comay came third. 

GM Danila Pavlov

Eighty-one participants representing 23 countries are competing in the World Chess Solving Championship, which started yesterday on the 15th of November. The competition will stretch over two days with thee rounds held daily. The participants are to solve different compositions (3 two-movers, 2 three-movers, 3 endgames, 3 helpmates, 3 more-movers and 3 selfmates) during a limited period of time.  

The most exciting moment comes at the end of the round. After the solvers give their solutions, they can leave the venue and compare their answers with the correct solutions distributed by the organizers. The participants compete in both individual and team categories. The teams consist of three (four at ECSC) solvers and the team leader, who may be one of the solvers. Teams consisting of only two (two or three at ECSC) solvers are also permitted. The members of the teams simultaneously compete in the individual championship.

The international blitz tournament will take place on the 19th of November. More than 270 players have already registered. The total prize fund for all events is €40,000.

Photo by: Patricia Claros Aguilar

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