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Alekhine Memorial, schedule

The International chess super tournament dedicated to the memory of the great Russian chess player, fourth World chess champion Aleksander Alekhine will take place in two of the biggest museums – the Louvre (Paris) and the Russian Museum (Saint-Petersburg).

«Alekhine Memorial» super tournament continues the tradition of holding chess tournaments in World’s biggest museums – the tradition which was set up during the match Anand-Gelfand, held in May 2012 in the Engineering building of the State Tretyakov Gallery.

The opening ceremony and first five rounds will take place in Paris, in the Tuileries Garden. On April, 26 in the morning the participants, arbiters, journalists will leave Paris for Saint-Petersburg. Last 4 rounds will be played in Saint Michael’s Castle (The Russian Museum branch).

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April, 20. Tournament opening ceremony

The event will take place in a special pavilion built in the Tuileries Garden.

5 P.M – 6 P.M. Press conference dedicated to Alekhine Memorial (Journalists must be accredited for the event if they wish to attend).


  • Head of the Supervisory Council of the Russian chess Federation A. Dvorkovich
  • Head of Economic Council of Trade and Industry Chamber of Russia and France G. Timchenko
  • Member of Economic Council of Trade and Industry Chamber of Russia and France A. Filatov
  • World chess champion V. Anand
  • Former World chess champion V. Kramnik
  • The Russian Museum director V. Gusev


6 P.M. – 7.15 P.M. Opening ceremony and a drink reception for participants and guests of the event (invitations required).

The opening ceremony will include the pairings selection and a small concert offered by Nikolay Lugansky (piano) and Vadim Repin (violin) who will perform various pieces by S. Rachmaninov.


April, 21-25. Tournament days

Rounds start at 2 P.M.

The pavilion includes the playing hall with places for the audience and on-line transmission, a special hall with on-line and video broadcasting where the spectators will be able to listen to French speaking commentators. Press centre will also work here.

The pavilion is open to the public, you need to have an accreditation badge to enter the press centre.


April, 26. Welcome reception in Saint-Petersburg.

9 A.M. Departure from Paris to Saint-Petersburg.

3 P.MArrival to Saint-Petersburg.

4:30 P.M. Hotel accommodation.

6:30 P.M. Guests and journalists assembly in Saint Michael’s Castle.

7 P.MWelcome reception dedicated to the start of the second part of the tournament (invitations required).

Official part will include a concert played by the orchestra conducted by Y. Temirkanov.

It will be followed by a press conference held by the organizers and sponsors of the tournament.


April, 27. Program for children


Participants: young chess players from Saint-Petersburg and children from “Nadezhda” town.

12 A.M. – 12:40 P.M. Excursion around Saint Michael’s Castle for children.

12:40 P.M. – 1:30 P.M. Meeting with B. Postovsky, a story about A. Alekhine.

1:50 P.M. – 4 P.M. Blitz tournament.


The day for children will include a tournament excursion for young spectators and their parents from “Nadezhda” town (representing “Ladoga” fund).

The same day the organizers will offer tournament participants and journalists an excursion in the Russian Museum (accreditation badges required).

April, 28-30. Tournament days.

Rounds start at 2 P.M. (except the last round)

The tournament will be played in Saint George’s hall which has enough places for spectators and allows to watch games on-line. The press centre will be situated in the Oval hall, while the Lacon Gallery will become a place for chess café, where experts will comment the broadcasted games.

The will be an extra pavilion in the yard of Saint Michael’s Castle in case if the number of spectators exceeds the possible number of people inside the playing hall. Games will also be broadcasted here.

The tournament is open to public, you need to have an accreditation badge to enter the press centre.

May, 1. Last round and debriefing

Last round starts at 1 P.M., the awarding ceremony will start depending on the end of the last game (15-20 minutes after it is over).

The Russian Museum is a unique museum complex, an architectural complex situated in historical center of Saint-Petersburg, including Mikhaylovsky, Stroganov and Marble Palace as well as Saint Michael’s castle, Cabin of Peter the Great as well as splendid gardens – the Summer garden with Summer Palace of Peter the Great and Mikhaylovsky Garden.

The Russian Museum is a first Russian State Museum of visual art, possessing 400 000 pictures of all genres and types – the richest museum in the world. The founder of the museum was the Russian tsar Alexander III while his son – Nicholas II has finally made his father’s dream come true.



The main exposition, which is shown in Mikhaylovsky Palace offers all historical periods and  Russian art development trends throughout 1000 years (X-XXI centuries). Modern Russian  and foreign art exhibition is available in the Marble Palace. Saint Michael’s Castle offers the national portrait gallery “Faces of Russia” and an open sculpture fund (late XIX – XX centuries).

Unique interiors of the great architectures of the XVIII and XIX centuries are reconstructed in Stroganov Palace. There you can also see different items which were collected by the owners of the palace during hundreds of years. Gardens and parks which belong to the Museum complex were found at the same time together with Saint-Petersburg by an outstanding genius of Peter the Great.

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