Chess Crime and Punishment by Can Kabadayi

Chess is an unforgiving game. The slightest inaccuracy will often be punished, causing you to lose any advantage you have. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “what am I doing to allow my opponents to punish me?” Simply put, the mistakes you are making, or your chess crimes, are causing you to lose. The first step is to recognize your crimes, which many players are unaware of. If you don’t know the mistakes you are making, you are bound to keep getting punished.

In Chess Crime & Punishment the author of The Art of Exchanging Pieces CM Can Kabadayi examines the typical mistakes, or “chess crimes” that novice to intermediate players (1000-1700 Elo) often make, and what players can do to stop getting “punished” by such chess crimes. Not only that, it shows what players can do to punish the crimes committed by their opponents.

Get your copy of Chess Crime & Punishment here today What you’ll get by studying this course:

Improve your piece play, by not burying your pieces behind pawn chains, relegating them to defending irrelevant pawns, and not trading off your best pieces.

Stop playing with a passive mindset and treat the position objectively, rather than reacting to imaginary threats.

♙ Avoid closing the position when it should be opened and vice versa and recognize thematic middlegame pawn breaks.

Understand the crucial concepts of development and time, e.g. how flank pawn pushes (a3 or h3) in the opening often waste time and put you behind in development.

Dedicated chapters with puzzles, one on how to avoid chess crimes and one on how to punish them.

CM Can Kabadayi, an experienced chess coach, has decided to create Chess Crime and Punishment, his so-called “master’s thesis” based on the mistakes he has observed his students make. He noticed that these errors were more often than not logical/strategic errors rather than analytical/calculation mistakes.

Kabadayi’s unique teaching style is praised by his students and those who have used his other hit Chessable courses. This is evident in his hit course series comprising “The Art of Exchanging Pieces”, “The Art of Burying Pieces”, “The Art of Awakening Pieces, and “The Art of Multi-Purpose Moves” which are all highly acclaimed, each with a 5/5 star rating on Chessable.

Are you ready to stop committing chess crimes and start winning? Get your copy of Chess Crime & Punishment here today

More about the author

Can Kabadayi is a Candidate Master and coach based in Sweden. Starting at the “relatively old age of 17”, as he puts it, CM Kabadayi quickly developed a passion for the game. Turning to classic books and World Champion game collections for his studies, he earned an impressive 2153 Elo rating by the time he was 21. Though he had to put the pursuit of the FIDE Master title on hold while studying for his Ph.D in cognitive science, he made quite a triumphant return thereafter. Shortly after completing his degree, he achieved the title of Candidate Master in 2018, with a peak rating of 2219.

But the coronavirus pandemic had other plans, and CM Kabadayi’s tournament trek to the FM title found itself slowing again. So in the meantime, he decided to combine his chess talent with another passion: teaching.

Combining methods from the field of cognitive science with tried-and-true chess coaching techniques, he has become as solid of a coach as he is a player, specializing in adult improvement.

His work with his students and study of the classics have led him to create a very practical Chessable course, which users have been hailing as a “hidden gem.” Be sure to check out that work, The Art of Exchanging Pieces

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