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English Women’s Championship 2023 – Participants

The English Women’s Championship 2023 is a 7-round Swiss tournament taking place from 26–29 May 2023 in Kenilworth, England. Players receive 90 minutes for the entire game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. will follow daily the live games.

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Full list of players :

No. NameFEDRtgClub/City
1WGMToma, KatarzynaENG23864ncl Wood Green
2 Hryshchenko, KamilaENG2235West Sussex    *
3WCMPert, Nina PENG2153Brentwood
4WFMKueh, AudreyENG2148Guildford
5WFMLongson, Sarah NENG2129Marple
6 Weersing, Abigail RENG2112Essex Juniors
7WCMVarney, ZoeENG20814ncl Blackthorne Russia
8 Dicen, Elis DeneleENG2022Coventry Chess Academy
9 Rida, RuqayyahENG2013Essex Juniors
10AIMSubramanian, AnushaENG2012Maidenhead
11 Sivanandan, BodhanaENG1993Harrow
12WCMSheikh, AnumENG1971Chingford
13 Maton, EmilyENG1966Hertfordshire Juniors
14 Gamal, AlaaENG1892Basildon
15AFMLatypova, Olga LENG1872Chelmsford
16 Hariharan, ShambaviENG1812West Nottingham
17ACMMilewska, AgnieszkaENG1804Ealing
18 Walker, KateENG1755Telepost (Shrewsbury)
19 Catabay, MaeENG1726Colchester Junior
20 Jayawarna, ThisumiENG1695Tameside Juniors
21 Sengenberger, SaraENG1624Cowley
22 Gorrepati, SoumyaENG1612London         *

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