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European Senior Chess Championship 2012

The European Chess Union and Kaunas Chess Federation organize the 12th European Senior Chess Championship and Women Senior Chess Championship in the Palace of Army Officers, Kaunas, Lithuania, from 18th to 26th August, 2012.

The European Senior Rapid Chess Championship 2012 will be organized in the same venue from the 16th to the 17th of August, 2012.

Entitled to participate are men from the ECU Chess Federations who shall have reached the age of 60 and women who shall have reached the age of 50 years, by December 31st of the year in which the tournament will commence.

The Championship shall be played in 9 rounds following the Swiss System. Time control is 40 moves in 90 minutes and 30 minutes to the end of the game. The player will additionally receive 30 seconds for each move. Default time at the start of all rounds will be 30 minutes.

The Rapid Chess shall be also played in 9 rounds following the Swiss System. The time control shall be 25 minutes for the game for each player, additional 10 seconds for each move.

The winner of this championship will become the 2012 European Senior Chess Champion and receive the Gold medal. The second place will get a Silver medal; the third place is awarded a Bronze medal. The same format and rules apply for medals awarded to the Ladies division, who play separately within their own tournament. If there are less than 9 ladies, they will play in the main tournament.

Last year champions were Nona Gaprindashvili and Mihai Suba.

The winner of the rapid tournament will become 2012 European Senior Chess Champion in Rapid Chess.

Kaunas - The Old Town

Kaunas - The Old Town

Total Prize Fund: 7000 EUR

Open Section:
1st place and Gold medal 1500 EUR
2nd place and Silver medal 1000 EUR
3rd place and Bronze medal 600 EUR
4th place 400 EUR
5th place 300 EUR
6th place 200 EUR

Ladies’ Section:
1st place and Gold medal 700 EUR
2nd place and Silver medal 500 EUR
3rd place and Bronze medal 300 EUR

Prizes are tax free. The money prizes will be equally shared among the players with the same score.

The entry fee for the Women & Open Senior Chess Championship is 70,- EUR and is to be paid with the registration. The entry fee for the Senior Rapid Championship is 30,- EUR and is to be paid with the registration.

Pre-registered players:

1. GM m Butnorius Algimantas 2388 LTU
2. GM m Hecht Hans-Joachim 2383 GER
3. IM m Bogdanov Valentin 2374 UKR
4. IM m Maryasin Boris 2331 ISR
5. FM m Postler Reinhard 2325 GER
6. FM m Giulian Philip Maurice 2290 SCO
7. FM m Furman Boris 2285 RUS
8. FM m Thormann Wolfgang 2281 GER
9. GM m Kraidman Yair 2261 ISR
10. m Gundersen Helge 2232 NOR
11. WIM f Fomina Tatyana 2203 EST
12. m Ofstad Per 2190 NOR
13. m Pouelsten Holm 2173 DEN
14. FM m Rositsan Boris 2166 LTU
15. WIM f Melashvili Nino 2158 GEO
16. m Nordby Bernt 2150 NOR
17. WIM f Tsifanskaya Ludmila 2140 ISR
18. f Zaitseva Tamara 2131 RUS
19. FM m Hvenekilde Jorgen 2080 DEN
20. WFM f Dotan Valeria 2075 ISR
21. m Finnlaugsson Gunnar 2063 ISL
22. m Vaitonis Vytautas 2034 LTU
23. m Sollid Stein 2018 NOR
24. m Mortensen Steen Juul 2007 DEN
25. m Andersson Finn 1995 DEN
26. m Jorgensen Arne Bjorn 1991 DEN
27. m Neudel Bernd 1964 GER
28. m Kruusiauk Heda 1951 EST
29. m Patola Eero 1930 FIN
30. m Nilsen Kai 1911 NOR
31. m Johnsen Oystein 1899 NOR
32. WFM f Kalashnikova Larisa 1896 RUS
33. m Fain Jochanan 1851 ISR
34. m Barsciauskas Gintautas 1797 LTU
35. f Korneeva Tamara 1793 RUS
36. m Bishop Peter 1767 LUX
37. m Johansen Bjorn Berg 1716 NOR
38. f Baliuniene Margarita LTU

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