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Gull chess engine continues leading TCEC convincingly

The new TCEC Season 7 graphic by Santiago Méndez

The new TCEC Season 7 graphic by Santiago Méndez

The Gull chess engine continues leading Stage 1a of TCEC. After seven rounds it has a full point advantage ahead of competitors. Gull scored victories against Tornado and Toga to collect 6,0/7. Second position is shared by Chiron and Hannibal with 5,0/7, while the defending champion Stockfish and Critter are at 4,5/7.

In round 6 Gull, Gaviota, Protector, and Hannibal all scored full points. Critter secured a good position after a draw with Stockfish (a 3000+ ELO game, replay here), the same result that appeared in the 191 moves game between Arasan and Chiron (the longest game so far, replay here) and Spike against Octochess.

In one of the most expected games of round 7 Stockfish drew with black against Chiron in a Neo-King’s Indian Fianchetto System. After a bizarre opening, the engines reached full equality and shuffled pieces for a few moves before reaching the draw (replay here). Gaviota showed again teeth and defeated the previous rounds surprise Cheng4 in a King’s Indian with 4.Bg5 (replay here).

Currently round 8 is live, follow the games with the engine view analysis

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Standings after round 7

1. Gull 6,0/7
2-3. Chiron and Hannibal 5,0/7
4-5. Stockfish and Critter 4,5/7
6-7. Cheng and Spike 4,0/7

—————– (qualifying 7 engines, total 13 rounds in Stage 1a)

8. Protector 3,5/7
9. Gaviota 3,0/7
10. Octochess 2,5/7
11-12. Toga and Tornado
13-14. Arasan and Alfil

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