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Igor Bjelobrk wins NSW Open 2022

New South Wales Chess Association organized the 2022 NSW Open from 11-13 June in Strathfield – a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney. The event attracted more than 100 entries who competed in 7 swiss rounds for a total prize fund of $8.500.

IM Igor Bjelobrk won the event with a convincing score of 6.5 points, pocketing the money prize of $1.500. He was ahead of IM Junta Ikeda and FM Yi Liy who tied for silver scoring 6/7 points, each.

Final rankings – 2022 NSW Open:

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1
12IMBjelobrk Igor NSW25146.57
21IMIkeda Junta ACT254667
 4FMLiu Yi QLD235467
43IMLane Gary W NSW24415.57
 10 Rodgers Jack QLD21685.57
 17 McNamara Gary NSW20565.57
77 Asaka Samuel NSW22315.56
 15 Koh Cedric NSW21115.56
95 McGowan Cameron NSW228057
 8 Press Harry ACT222957
 11CMCharles Gareth NSW215357
 13 Banerjee Niki NSW212657
 31 Lee Daniel NSW180057
 38 Hu Yifei NSW174457
 41 Young Micah QLD169257
166FMKethro Michael ACT223456
1718 Anderson Brendan NSW20404.57
 20 Barker Geoff H NSW20074.57
 23 Vincent Alaina NSW19484.57
 24 Odenthal Aidan NSW19364.57
 25 Grigg Samuel QLD19104.57
 48 Naraharasetty Saisiddharth OS16154.57
2327 Siva Sankaran Anup Kumar NSW18664.56
 81 Zhang Kendrick (Kenny) OS11024.56
 94 Galea Patrick NSW04.56
269 Clarke Matthew NSW220747
 12 Bayaca Sterling NSW213847
 14 Zheng Marco Le Lun NSW212547
 21 Peramunetilleke Seth NSW197247
 26 Phan James NSW190747
 43 Jayaratne Dilan NSW166147
 45 Zhu Harvey QLD163847
 49 Wang Daniel NSW158447
3428 Kordahi Nicholas NSW186246
 32 Huey Toby NSW179946
 33 Rupasinghe Sayum NSW179146
 42 Guo David NSW167646
 44 Marsh David NSW164146
 68 Reddy Ashok NSW134946
 86 Corona Jonluke NSW98046
4119 Bukreyev Andriy NSW203045
4216 Huynh Arthur NSW20693.57
 34 Christensen Joshua NSW17833.57
 35 Rambukwella Ashley NSW17753.57
 36 Xing Zerui QLD17653.57
 39 Ni Lucas NSW17363.57
 40 Courtney Michael J NSW16943.57
 47 Milson Tyler NSW16243.57
 51 Wang Lachlan QLD15163.57
 53 Peramunetilleke Savin NSW15043.57
 57 Praveen Jeeva QLD14753.57
 65 Odenthal Ewan NSW13883.57
 66 Jurac Anthony NSW13723.57
 72 Lin Lucas NSW12723.57
 92 Baran Sam NSW03.57
5646 Anup Kumar Vihaan NSW16283.56
 101 Tursan d’Espaignet Yannick NSW03.56
5822 Pigram Daniel NSW19603.55
5930 Cox Braiden NSW185137
 37 Tokarz Michal NSW174737
 50 Jiang Benjamin Wise NSW152437
 58 Chen Dean NSW144137
 59 Dingley Justin NSW143837
 67 Yu Leiming ACT137137
 69 Selig Edward NSW133937
 71 Chang Ethan NSW130537
 75 Yadav Annan OS123337
 78 Fu Charles QLD115837
 90 Liu Ryan Chengji NSW63937
 91 Alexander-Meylan Arlo NSW037
 97 Lawes Alexander NSW037
7263 Huey Chelsea NSW140536
 64 Maltman Matthew ACT138936
 77 Wen Aiden NSW118836
 85 Steinthal Joshua NSW100736
 103 Wong Benjamin NSW036
7755 Pan Jason NSW14862.57
 76 Tee Benjamin NSW12072.57
 79 Fu Neil QLD11222.57
 84 Xing Zeqi QLD10132.57
 96 Kavanagh Lachlan AUS02.57
8256 Corona Fabrizio NSW14792.56
 73 Wang Haowei NSW12572.56
 83 Ong Jonathan Si Seng NSW10882.56
8554 Case Ivan NSW14912.55
 70 Solis Ricardo NSW13392.55
8752 Higgins Wade NSW151327
 61 Yadav Arihant OS141527
 88 AL-Qassab Mustafa NSW81427
 99 Narimatsu Juha NSW027
 102 Van Noy-March Christopher NSW027
9262 Roy Philip Rohith NSW141326
 74 He Angela NSW124226
 100 Shettigar Harsha NSW026
9582 Donaldson Tom NSW10911.57
 87 Manoji Deves NSW9521.57
9780 De Rooy Jack VIC11211.56
 89 De Rooy Samuel VIC7931.56
9995 Hall Damian NSW01.55
10093 De Pyle Damien VIC016
10160 Carollo Robert NSW142214
10298 Muslem Ranin SA003
10329 Kumar Viney NSW185802

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