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Romain Edouard – play against 1. c4

Do you feel lost against the English Opening, and struggle to reach even a half-decent position? If so, then you’ll love this life-saver by Grandmaster Romain Edouard. Edouard was a former 2700+ grandmaster with an impressive string of tournament victories. He won the 2006 U16 European Youth Chess Championship, 2012 French Chess Championship, and 2012 Al Ain Classic Champion… which fielded at least a dozen top 100 players! Edouard is also a leading authority on 1.c4. He has played both sides of the opening for 16 years and counting. And today, he draws from his rich experience, with his Chessable course English Breakfast: Romain Edouard’s repertoire against 1. c4

Cut down your workload with 1…e5, as the repertoire takes on just about any variation that can be thrown your way after 1.c4 e5. Even rare second and third-move sidelines are covered. So rest assured you’ll never be caught off guard. The 292 trainable variations inside bulletproof your move-by-move knowledge. Plus, Edouard’s 9 hours of video explain the must-know plans and maneuvers in the opening.

Get Romain Edouard’s course to disarm 1.c4 here + extra 59 mins free video

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