Salento Open 2016


This year’s edition of Salento Open is set to take place from 21-28th May at the Ecoresort Le Sirenè – Caroli Hotels in Gallipoli, Italy. WCM Yelizaveta Orlova introduces the event:

Did you know that Gallipoli means “Beautiful City” in Greek? Gallipoli is located in the southern part of Italy close to the Ionian Sea where you can relax after your games. The city is divided into two parts, the modern and old city.

You will be able to see many beautiful historic sites which include Angevine-Aragonese Castle (13th century), Baroque cathedral of Sant’Agata (17th century), Church of San Domenico al Rosario (late 17th century) and many more. The modern part of the city has many great restaurants, bars and other fun places to see!

Last but not least the wonderful accommodation and delicious food offered by Ecoresort Le Sirenè Hotel that has been supporting and hosting tournament for last five years…a place where people come and don’t want to leave at the end of the event!


Here are some beautiful photos of Gallipoli, Italy:

What are some perks in playing the Salento International Chess Open 2016?

– Resort city: Games require a lot of thinking, concentration and possibly stress. Having the sea – moments away, can allow you to relax and have a fresh mind for the following rounds.

– History: There are a lot of beautiful sites to see in the old and modern city.

– Month of May: This is an ideal time to visit! It’s warm enough to swim, but not as hot as the city can get later on in the summer.


– Players: You enjoy the game and the tournament play – why not meet new chess players along the way?

We will be having many chess players coming from different parts of the world! Come to Gallipoli and you might make friends for a lifetime!

– Tournament: Having a game per day allows you to socialize with other chess players and see Italy together!

– Special events: Includes chess lectures, blitz tournaments and sports activities like football, tennis, ping pong and others.

Piscina Ecoresort Le Sirenè 2

Special guests that are coming to Salento Open this upcoming May: The past three years we have had a great turnout of players but this year we expect the best Salento Open yet.

We welcome the Ukrainian GM Andrey Vovk, Russian GM Igor Naumkin, French GM Adrien Demuth, Italian IM Carlo D’Amore, and WGM Tania Sachdev.

It’s fantastic to see many of our past players coming once again to participate in the tournament!

GM Adrien Demuth

GM Adrien Demuth

New guests include, the young FM Edward Di Bendetto, WFM Desiree Di Bendetto, and the beautiful chess couple: GM Erwin L’Ami with his wife, WGM Alina l’Ami also known for her wonderful reports from amanzing chess & touristic sites around the world. Another new guest is definitely myself…WCM Yelizaveta Orlova from Toronto/Canada who is Event Media/Communications Manager.

Further players will be announced in the next weeks so don’t miss to follow us on official tournament site: www.5salentochessopen2016.it and on official FB page “Salento Chess Open”

Info about the Salento Open:
Location: Ecoresort Le Sirenè – Caroli Hotels. Gallipoli, Italy.
Date: 21st May – 28th May 2016
Sections: Open A, Open B, Blitz, Youth
Prize fund: € 5.000,00 (five thousand euro)
Open A: players ELO FIDE rating >= 1900 – Open B:
players con ELO FIDE rating > 0 < 2000 Time Control: 90‘x 40 + 30” increment from the first move Pairing system: Swiss-Dutch We hope that we see some of you for this wonderful event! Salento Open will be a success and we welcome you to play and witness the beautiful city, Gallipoli! Yelizaveta Orlova [caption id="attachment_57091" align="aligncenter" width="553"]Yelizaveta Orlova Yelizaveta Orlova[/caption]

Tania Sachdev

Tania Sachdev

Aleksandra Dadello

Aleksandra Dadello

Desiree Di Benedetto

Desiree Di Benedetto

Ecoresort Le Sirenè Camera Hotel



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