Carlsen – Caruana LIVE!

Magnus Carlsen – Fabiano Caruna is one of the derby matches of the first round of Tata Steel 2013.

Their current classical games score is 2 wins for Carlsen, 1 for Caruana, and 5 draws

In Tata Steel 2010, back then Corus 2010, Carlsen – Caruana game finished in 56 moves draw. In last year’s game Caruana had white and the match concluded with a 34 moves draw (replay game here)

The starter of the Grand Slam Final Masters in Sao Paulo 2012 was also a match between the two players. Back then Caruana stunned with white the world N1. Later on Carlsen managed to bounce back, win in the return match, and they shared first place in the final standings. The two proceeded to play a two-game blitz tie-break to determine the champion. Carlsen won 2-0 and claimed the trophy, a Basque txapela.

Today’s game will be commented live here by IM Aman Hambleton, stating at 13:30 CET. The other top encounter of the day Anand – Nakamura will be with commentary at Chessdom USA, while multi-live of all other games will be available on the main page of Chessdom International.

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