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Chessable English Chess Champions crowned in Kenilworth

English Chess Federation crowned the National Chess Champions in Kenilworth. The Chessable English Championship and Chessable English Women’s Championship 2022 took place on 19th-22nd May 2022, and two weeks earlier, the National Champions among Seniors were crowned in the same venue.

The Open event attracted 33 entries while the women’s Championship had 10 participants. Both events were played in 7 rounds, Swiss system. All information about Chessable English Chess Championships 2022 can be found here.

The top seed of the Open even, GM Mark Hebden, clinched the second English National champion title this year as he also won the Seniors 50+ Chessable English Chess Championship 2022 played a few weeks ago. Draw in the last round against GM Keith Arkell was enough for Hebden to secure the position on the top with the final score of 6/7 points. IM James Jackson followed with 5.5 points winning the silver medal, and IM Peter Roberson claimed bronze with 5 points. Replay the games here and scroll down for the final rankings

The favorite in the Women’s section, top-seeded WIM Lan Yao, won the Women’s event with 6/7 points. Despite the loss in the second round against Alaa Gamal, Lao Yan came back with five consecutive victories to be the sole Winner of the Chessable English Women’s Chess Championship 2022. Alaa Gamal came second with 5.5 points, while Nina Pert and Katelyn Rose Catabay Mae tied for bronze with 4.5 points. Tiebreaks criteria were in favor of Nina Pert who was third and Catabay Mae came fourth. Replay the games here and scroll down for the final rankings

Final rankings – Chessable English Chess Championship (Open section):

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3TB4
1GMHebden Mark L ENG253360222831
2IMJackson James P ENG24395.50192528
3IMRoberson Peter T ENG248450192426
4GMArkell Keith C ENG24374.50212730
5IMHarvey Marcus R ENG25304.50202628
6FMAshton Adam G ENG24274.50172325
7 Hackner Oskar A ENG24254.50162022
8 Boswell Jacob Connor ENG223440243031
9FMRoyal Shreyas ENG238540222730
10FMWillow Jonah B ENG246240212628
11IMPert Richard G ENG251740192426
12FMDerakhshani Borna ENG243840182426
13GMWells Peter K ENG241440172223
14IMWadsworth Matthew J ENG24933.50212729
15FMHaydon David L ENG23733.50212628
16 Okhai Shabir ENG22623.50192527
17 Duncan Patrick C M ENG21253.50162123
18 Herring Samuel ENG19003.50152022
19FMThompson Ian D ENG22013.50151921
20 Wells Daniel J ENG20573.50131819
21 Khoury Theo ENG21293.50131719
22 Southcott-Moyers Indy ENG206130212630
23 Shearsby Jude ENG203130172223
24AFMKumar Soham ENG194730162022
25 Watson Jacob ENG192230151921
26 Ireland David J ENG212430141920
27 Shenbagakumar Gautham ENG18812.50172224
28 Hepworth Peter ENG20782.50162123
29 Zheng Harry Z ENG19712.50162123
30 Larkin Benjamin ENG20172.50151921
31 Pert Max ENG19571.50182225
32FMMacklin Paul ENG23661.50162022
33 Parker Keith ENG18151.50151921


Final rankings – Chessable English Chess Championship (Women’s section):

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3TB4
11WIMYao Lan ENG227660182325
24 Gamal Alaa ENG18665.50202628
33 Pert Nina ENG19194.50182424
 6 Catabay Mae Katelyn Rose ENG17684.50182424
52 Dicen Elis Denele ENG195740172222
67AIMSubramanian Anusha ENG16713.50212727
75 Milewska Agnieszka ENG182030192525
88 Sengenberger Sara ENG163721172323
99 Oh Julie ENG161620192525
1010 Mohan Meghana ENG161300172224


Photos by: Pictures by Adrian Elwin and Dennis Dicen

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