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2022 English Senior Chess Champions announced

The English Seniors Chess Championships 50+ & 65+, supported by Chessable, took place from 4-8 May at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Kenilworth.
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GM Mark Hebden triumphed in the 50+ competition with 22 players and with a convincing score of 6.5/7 points clinched the title of English Senior 50+ Champion. GM Keith Arkell was second with 6/7 points, while three players tied for bronze with 4.5/7 points. The best ranked women player – WIM Natasha Regan was crowned as English Women’s Senior 50+ Champion. She scored 3.5/7 points and also had the best performance among the U2000 players.

Three players tied for the top of the 65+ section, scoring 5.5/7 points. Tiebreaks criteria determined Cliff Chandler the English Senior 65+ Champion, Ian Snape was second and IM Paul Littlewood came third. The best ranked women player – WCM Dinah Norman scored 2.5 points and became English Women’s Senior 65+ Champion.

Final rankings – Chessable English Senior 50+ Chess Championship 2022:

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1GMHebden Mark L ENG25336.502127
2GMArkell Keith C ENG2437602026
3 Mason Donald J ENG21574.502128
4CMJosse Mark ENG22354.502027
5 Nelson Jonathan P ENG22274.501723
6 Crocker Philip J ENG220241.51925
7IMLedger Andrew J ENG2398411823
8 Churavin Andrey ENG209440.51723
9 Henderson David ENG21283.502026
10FMThompson Ian D ENG22013.501925
11WIMRegan Natasha K ENG19723.501925
12FMDishman Stephen ENG23013.501418
13 Dilley Jason M ENG2224301823
14 Baer Bruce L ENG2097301822
15 Wilson Edgar ENG1989301722
16 Lazarus Simon E ENG2112301420
17 Erdogan Hassan ENG2011301318
18 Gibbs Dominic V ENG19872.501822
19 Portman Carl S ENG19602.501620
20 Hickman John E ENG18462.501317
21 Homer Neil S ENG1682101518
22 Mitchell Rob ENG0001317


Final rankings – Chessable English Senior 65+ Chess Championship 2022:

Rk. NameFEDRtgPts. TB1TB2TB3
1 Chandler Cliff R ENG22925.502328
2 Snape Ian L ENG21865.502227
3IMLittlewood Paul E ENG23475.502126
4 Shephard Chris C W ENG2203502127
5FMJackson Oliver A ENG2206501924
6 De Coverly Roger D ENG19974.502227
7 Hutchinson Norman A ENG19794.501823
8 Bowmer Kevin ENG2100402127
9 Spanton Tim R ENG1972402026
10 Tucker David S ENG2009401924
  Ingham H William ENG1859401924
12 Bray David ENG20233.502227
13 Stokes Michael ENG20303.502026
14 Costello Colin A ENG19723.502026
15 Myall Ivan J ENG20323.501924
16 Bellers Chris J ENG19773.501822
17 Brown Geoffrey M ENG19573.501823
18 Goodwin Ed H ENG18333.501723
19 Bryant Richard B E ENG19133.501721
20 Hall Alan ENG17433.501621
21 Daniels David W ENG19263.501620
22 Bingham James T ENG1864301723
23 Kane Robert ENG1844301722
24 Conway John ENG1666301316
25 Morris Nigel W ENG15882.501721
26 Earlam Anthony BAR16382.501620
27 Hibbitt Arthur ENG17922.501317
28 Rhodes Lawrence ENG16652.501317
29WCMNorman Dinah M ENG16982.501316
30 Di Mattia Luciano ENG1494201619
31 Robinson Steve ENG13831.501418
32 Jones Michael R ENG15441.501418

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