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Peruvian Chess Champions 2022 crowned in Lima

The Peruvian Open and Women’s National Chess Championships 2022 took place from 17-22 May in Lima.
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Best rated Peruvian grandmaster Jorge Cori claimed the trophy in the Open section, winning the event with 7/9 points. He had the same score as IM Brian Sebasti Escalante Ramirez who finished second. GM Cristhian Cruz and GM Deivy Vera Sugenas tied for the third place scoring 6.5 points each, with the tiebreak criteria favoring Cristhian Cruz who clinched bronze.

WIM Mitzy Mishell Caballero Quijano triumphed in the Women’s section scoring unbeaten 7/8 points. She was a point and a half ahead of the runner-up WFM Paula Elisabeth Paredes Bustamante who won silver with 5.5 points, while WIM Ingrid Aliaga Fernandez claimed bronze with 5 points. (scroll down for the final rankings)

Top two players of each section secured their spots in the National Peruvian Team for the upcoming 44th Chess Olympiad 2022. 44th Chess Olympiad 2022 all information

GM Jorge Cori and WIM Mitzy Mishell Caballero Quijano – Peruvian Chess Champions 2022

The Open event attracted 39 entries who will compete for the National Champion title in 9 swiss rounds, while 9 players competed in 8 round robin rounds in Women’s section. All information about the events can be found here.

Final rankings – Peruvian Men’s Chess Championship 2022:

Rk. NameFEDRtgIPts. TB1TB2TB3Rp
1GMCori Jorge PER2647715402569
2IMEscalante Ramirez Brian Sebasti PER2482706402573
3GMCruz Cristhian PER25826.50.55382477
4GMVera Siguenas Deivy PER24986.50.54382489
5 Reyes Zavaleta Fabian Ricardo PER1902606322242
6IMTerry Renato PER2504604382442
7WGMCori T. Deysi PER2367604362355
8IMFernandez Fernando PER2435604342312
9 Paredes Lagos Anthony Javier PER21175.505362284
10IMQuirhuayo Chumbe German Gonzalo PER22965.505352306
11 Varillas Jimenez Ivan PER19685.504282010
12FMPrincipe Gerson PER2226504362179
13GMCori Quispe Kevin Joel PER2505504352275
14FMFlores Quillas Diego Saul Rodri PER2193504322096
15 De La Cruz Gutierrez Franklin Oscar PER1983504281936
16 Hernandez Ojeda Garry Anatholy PER1858503322119
17IMLeiva Gianmarco PER24054.504342207
18CMAlvarado Zamora Albert PER21484.504302011
19CMArias Gaviria Mario Alexis PER21814.503332200
20FMGallo Ponce Elbert PER22014.503281979
21 Pena Morales Hugo PER2267403362169
22 Parra Gonzales Andre Leonardo PER1817403331926
23 Flores Arroyo Luis PER2000403261822
24 Llanos Rojas Jorge PER1832403231775
25FMRojas Salas Steven PER2210402372155
26 Quiroz Alva Franco Rodrigo PER1788402312050
27 Ramirez Sifuentes Luis Angel PER1674402271863
28 Palomino Landeo Diego Fernando PER16243.503291807
29 Santiago Lastra Nefi PER19233.503261824
30 Flores Tomasto Luis PER22273.502332013
31 Villafuerte Mamani Khalid Stephano PER1652303271730
32 Reque Chafloque Anthony PER1753302291815
33 Janampa Javier Brandon Daniel PER1517302261800
34 Vega Paucar Emely Bachellet PER1826301311867
35 Choque Ordono Mijail Yasser PER1710301251708
36 Ramos Castro Aldair PER19302.502312022
37CMCardenas Lima Vincent Matias PER16062.502231668
38 Jimenez Salas Maria Teresa PER1813201251613
39 Reyes Zavaleta Diego Alexander PER1684000210


Final rankings – Peruvian Women’s Chess Championship 2022:

Rk. NameFEDPts. TB1TB2TB3
1WIMCaballero Quijano Mitzy Mishell PER7024.36
2WFMParedes Bustamante Paula Elizab PER5.5019.85
3WIMAliaga Fernandez Ingrid Y PER50163
4 Bravo Mallco Kate Azumi PER4.50162
5WFMGarcia Andrada Heidy Nicole PER40113
6 Zarate Oyague Flor De Maria PER3.50122
7WCMAguilar Oblitas Yadhira PER307.752
8WFMFelix Vega Aurora Edith PER2092
9 Tacas Cardenas Andrea Ximena PER1.504.251


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