GM Anton Korobov wins 16th Poikovsky Karpov chess tournament

Anton Korobov

Anton Korobov

The Poikovsky Karpov Chess Tournament 2015, named after the former world champion Anatoly Karpov, took place from 27th September to 8th October. Chessdom will cover the live games with computer analysis by the TCEC medalist engines Komodo, Stockfish, and Houdini.

The 16th edition of the event was once again a strong 10-player round robin tournament.

GM Anton Korobov from Ukraine and GM Viktor Bologan from Moldova tied for the gold at 6 points each, but Korobov clinched the title on a superior tie-break score.

The third place was shared in a three-way tie by GM Ernesto Inarkiev from Russia, GM Emil Sutovsky from Israel and GM Denis Khismatullin from Russia, after the whole group finished the event with 5 points each.

Tournament website/ LIVE games with analysis

Poikovsky Karpov Chess 2015 had special daily coverage on the Russian version of Chessdom

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Final standings:

1. GM Anton Korobov UKR (2700) – 6
2. GM Viktor Bologan MDA (2607) – 6
3. GM Ernesto Inarkiev RUS (2660) – 5
4. GM Emil Sutovsky ISR (2635) – 5
5. GM Denis Khismatullin RUS (2651) – 5
6. GM Igor Lysyj RUS (2671) – 4
7. GM Ilia Smirin ISR (2655) – 4
8. GM Alexei Shirov LAT (2712) – 3.5
9. GM Alexander Morozevich RUS (2711) – 3.5
10. GM Viktor Laznicka CZE (2676) – 3

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