Dortmund Chess 2014 LIVE!

The 42nd Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2014 is held on 12-20th July as an 8-player round robin tournament and will be live daily on Chessdom.

The event is organized by the City of Dortmund and the German Chess Federation. The playing venue is Orchesterzentrum NRW, Brückstraße 47, Dortmund, Germany.

The field includes Fabiano Caruana ITA 2789, Vladimir Kramnik RUS 2777, Michael Adams ENG 2743, Peter Leko HUN 2737, Ruslan Ponomariov UKR 2723,  Arkadij Naiditsch GER 2705, Georg Meier GER 2632 and David Baramidze GER 2616.

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